Diplomatic Divorce

Are you burdened with a relationship that needs to end, but worried about the high cost of divorce? Brown Legal Group offers a solution in the form of divorce mediation. Mediation is a quick, convenient and less expensive way to resolve your divorce. Divorce mediation will keep you and your spouse in control of the process with less stress and without going to court.

Estate Planning

We all know the only two sure things in life are death and taxes. Why then when we know it is inevitable do we avoid planning for the future? At Brown Legal Group, we understand it is a scary proposition to face our own mortality. We will handle your situation with care and consideration and create a customized and affordable estate plan for you and your family.

Business Law

Brown Legal Group will personalize the documents you need to form an LLC, or to incorporate a new or existing business. We go beyond just the basics. We will do a comprehensive analysis of your business in order to advise you on the best form and features for your business entity.